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Hello I'm Luigi Leuce

I’m an illustrator and creative director. I love draw and I want to try new techniques.
I’m curious and creative. “I believe in the ideas’ power”.

I love to watch differently the world around me , also from different perspectives; I love my jobs and it enjoy me, maybe because I use a lot of irony in my illustrations. 
My world is populated by strange characters and common objects which born in my head and become animated.

abstract forms, strange giants, men long, men shorts, men fat, ...

Everything has a soul which I paint on my paper but comes from my heart, from my passion and from my desire to create a strange, clean, alive, colored and comic world. When I draw, I’m in a new world which is only mine.

My creations reflect the baby who is in me and I love to see a smile on the face to the people who watch my characters.
I believe that “creativity is the right ingredient to daydream and to imagine new, fresh, funny and unique things.

Selected clients

Kinder, Corriere della Sera, Loewe, Expert store, Carie Letterarie, Joto rocks, La Stampa


- Cotonfioc Festival - Genova 23- 24 giugno 2018 |

- "Borsalino - La mostra" - Alessandria Palazzo Cuttica - 4 aprile - 6 maggio 2018 

- PAW-CHEW-GO si legge paciugo - Milano - 14 - 15 Ottobre 2017 |

- Gomma festival "A night like this festival" - Chiaverano (To) - 15 luglio 2017 | -

- Carta Manent Festival - Roccabianca (Parma) 17 - 18 giugno 2017

- Cotonfioc Festival - Genova 6 - 7 maggio 2017 |

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- Illozoo - contemporary illustration agency

- Bottle-up - 

- Carie Letterarie -

Illozoo - Visual communication agency

I'm represented internationally by Illozoo!

We are a contemporary illustration agency representing a combination of emerging and veteran illustrators from around the world. Each illustrator at Illozoo offers a unique style, technique and creative visual solution to clients in the advertising, design, publishing, corporate, fashion and gaming industry.

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